Studio Memberships:


Monthly memberships are for artists with substantial experience in ceramics as well as the operation and management of a studio.

Monthly Membership: $75 + tax per month (offered in 3-month intervals)

  • Includes 12 hours of studio time per month during designated membership times
  • $5/hour after 12 hours

Current Membership Schedule

Mondays 1pm-5pm
Thursdays 1pm-5pm
Fridays 1pm-5pm
Saturday 1pm-5pm
Sundays 1pm-5pm

Becoming A Studio Member:

To become a studio member at Hands On Pottery you must have completed at least 2 pottery courses, including one at Hands On Pottery. We require our members to have previous experience working with clay and an understanding of how a pottery studio operates.

Once you are familiar with the studio, it is important to consider the projects you want to make and how much time you can commit to spending in the studio, as memberships have set expiry dates.

Members have access to the studio during designated member hours. All of the tools and equipment in the studio are available to members and dedicated shelf space is assigned for ongoing work.

Clay purchased at the studio is $40 + tax, per 25lb or 22lb bag, and includes use of the studio glazes, underglazes and all necessary firings. Member’s pieces will be fired by studio staff.

When classes and workshops are running, priority for equipment and studio space must be provided for students.

If you’re interested in becoming a studio member at Hands On Pottery, email to request an application.


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